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Openfin.Desktop.PlatformAPI.EventArguments.View Namespace

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Public classViewCrashedEventArgs
Public classViewCreatedEventArgs
Generated when a View is created.
Public classViewDestroyedEventArgs
Generated when a view is destroyed.
Public classViewDidChangeThemeColorEventArgs
Emitted when a page's theme color changes. This is usually due to encountering a meta tag.
Public classViewEventArgs
Public classViewFileDownloadCompleteEventArgs
Public classViewFileDownloadEventArgs
Public classViewFileDownloadProgressEventArgs
Public classViewFileDownloadStartedEventArgs
Public classViewFocusedEventArgs
Public classViewHiddenEventArgs
Public classViewHotkeyEventArgs
Public classViewNavigationRejectedEventArgs
Public classViewOptionsChangedEventArgs
Generated when a view's options are updated.
Public classViewPageFaviconUpdatedEventArgs
Generated when page receives favicon urls.
Public classViewPageTitleUpdatedEventArgs
Fired when a page title is set during navigation. ExplicitSet is false when title is synthesized from file url.
Public classViewResourceLoadFailedEventArgs
Generated when an HTTP load was cancelled or failed.
Public classViewResourceResponseReceivedEventArgs
Public classViewShownEventArgs
Generated when a view is shown. This event will fire during creation of a View.
Public classViewTargetChangedEventArgs
Generated when a view changess its window target. This event will fire during the creation of a view. In that case, the previous target identitywill be the same as the target identity.