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Openfin.Desktop Namespace

C# API binding for the OpenFin App Desktop.
Public classAcceleratorKeyOptions
A class representing the predefined accelerator keys which can be enabled in OpenFin
Public classAck
A message that is delivered to an AckListener when an action has been processed by AppDesktop
Public classAnalyticsOptions
A class representing customizable options for Openfin analytics
Public classAnimationOptions
A class representing the options for a Window animation.
Public classAnimationTransitions
A class representing a collection of transitions for a Window animation.
Public classApplication
An object representing the Application.

Allows the developer to execute, show and close an application, as well as show and hide an icon on Desktop. Also provides access to the Window object for the main application window to control window state such as the ability to minimize, maximize, restore, etc.

Public classApplicationAsset
Application Asset
Public classApplicationEventArgs
Provides data for common OpenFin application events.
Public classApplicationOptions
Helper object that provides getters/setters for the various options needed for creating an Application.
Public classBoundsEventArgs
Bounds of the window
Public classContentNavigation
Represents Navigation rules. Allows blacklist/whitelist lists to be applied on Navigation. Navigation failures will raise a window-navigation-rejected event.
Public classCustomRequestHeader
A Class storing information about a custom request header.
Public classDesktopConnection Obsolete.
An object for launching, connecting to, and controlling AppDesktop.
Public classDesktopIdleStateChangedEventArgs
Provides data for a desktop idle state change event.
Public classDesktopSessionChangedEventArgs
Provides data for a desktop session change event.
Public classDesktopSystem
An object representing the core of the OpenFin Desktop. Allows the developer to perform system-level actions, such as accessing logs, viewing processes, clearing the cache and exiting the Desktop.

In order to use the System object, an application must have admin-level privileges (e.g., isAdmin must be set to true when in the options when the application is created).

Public classDesktopUtils
Static helper class for getting/setting values from a JObject.
Public classDisplayMonitor
Information about the current monitor
Public classDpi
Public classExternalApplication
An object representing an External Application.

Allows the developer to listen to the events raised when an External Application connects/disconnects from the runtime or whe it's started

Public classExternalApplicationEventArgs
Provides data for common OpenFin application events.
Public classExternalMessageResultHandler
Utility class to communicate results from calls to an ExternalMessageHandlerDelegate back to the AppDesktop.
Public classExternalWindowAckResult
Encapsulates and sends the result of an ExternalWindow action to the desktop. The result is sent after invocation of an ExternalWindow method. In cases where this behavior needs to be prevented, such as when work done should be handled by another thread, Set PreventAutomaticSend to true and call send() when the result state is determined. send() will be called automatically by Dispose() if it has not been explicitly called prior.
Public classExternalWindowObserver
Integrates a window outside of the desktop for interaction and control with the API.
Public classFindInPageOptions
Public classIAnimationTransition
A base class representing a transition of the window.
Public classInstallDialogOptions
Represents the RVM options that can be used.
Public classInterApplicationBus
A messaging bus that allows for pub / sub messaging between different applications. Available via getInterApplicationBus() method on DesktopConnection
Public classInterApplicationBusMessageChannelFactory
A MessageChannel factory for creating ChannelProvider and ChannelClient instances.
Public classLaunchExternalProcessResult
Encapsulates the result from a call to DesktopSystem.launchExternalProcess()
Public classManifestInfo
Public classMargins
Public classMousePosition
Represents mouse position on based on virtual screen coordinates.
Public classOpacityTransition
A class representing a transition of a Window's opacity.
Public classOpenfinDesktopEventArgs
Defines the base class for Openfin events.
Public classOpenFinMessageEventArgs
Provides data for a sent or received message to the OpenFin Runtime.
Public classOptionsEx
A class that provides the ability to use undocumented or experimental properties.
Public classPositionTransition
A class representing a transition of a Window's position.
Public classPreloadScript
A class representing a preload script entry for a given Openfin Application or Window
Public classPreloadScriptsEvaluatedEventArgs
Provides data for the PreloadScriptEvaluatedEvent.
Public classPreloadScriptStateChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the PreloadScriptStateChanged event.
Public classPrinterInfo
Public classPrintOptions
Public classRectangle
Encapsulates coodinates of each corner of the display
Public classResourceLoadFailedEventArgs
Provides data for failed content load event
Public classResourceResponseReceivedEventArgs
Provides data for response received event
Public classRuntime
Class representing an OpenFin Runtime object.
Public classRuntimeApiException
Public classRuntimeAsset
Runtime Asset
Public classRuntimeConnectionConnectTimeoutEventArgs
Provides data for a runtime connection timeout event.
Public classRuntimeConnectionFailedEventArgs
Provides data for a runtime connection failed event.
Public classRuntimeError
The internal error from AppDesktop.
Public classRuntimeOptions
A class representing the Runtime options that can be used.
Public classRVMOptions
Represents the RVM options that can be used.
Public classSessionChangedEventArgs
Event argument for when a session has changed
Public classShortcut
A class representing an Application shortcut.
Public classSizeTransition
A class representing a transition of a Window's dimensions.
Public classSupportInformation
A class representing support contact information if the RVM or an OpenFin Application encounters an error.
Public classTerminateExternalProcessResult
Encapsulates the result from a call to DesktopSystem.terminateExternalProcess(). The result of the close/terminate can be retrieved by the getter named "Result".
Public classWebContents
Public classWindow
A window that can be controlled by the AppDesktop API.

Window objects are available through application.getWindow(). This class can not be instantiated directly.

Public classWindowAlertRequestedEventArgs
Provides data for an Openfin window alert request.
Public classWindowAuthenticationRequestedEventArgs
Provides data for a on Openfin Window authentication request event.
Public classWindowEventArgs
Provides data for common OpenFin window events.
Public classWindowNavigationRejectedEventArgs
Provides data for an Openfin Window navigation rejected event.
Public classWindowOptions
A class representing the options for a Window.
Public structureWindowGroupChangedPayload Obsolete.
Helper struct representing the payload returned by the window event 'group-changed'
Public interfaceDesktopStateListener
A listener interface for receiving status updates from Desktop.
Public interfaceExternalWindow
Responds to API window messages to control a window outside of the desktop.
Public interfaceIOpenfinEntity
Defines the interface for an Openfin entity.
Public delegateAckCallback
Delegate for receiving Ack's from AppDesktop
Public delegateapplicationGroupsHandler
A delegate to handle the returned groups and their respective windows from Application.getGroups().
Public delegatechildWindowHandler
A delegate to handle the resulting windows from Application.getChildWindow().
Public delegateExternalMessageHandlerDelegate
Delegate for consuming external messages targeted at an application originating from HTTP/HTTPS.
Public delegateInterAppMessageHandler
A delegate that handles all sent/published messages.
Public delegateInterAppSubscriptionListener
A delegate that handles (un)subscription events on a DesktopConnection's InterApplicationBus.
Public delegatelaunchExternalProcessHandler
A delegate which receives a mapped process UUID from DesktopSystem.launchExternalProcess()
Public delegateOpenFinErrorHandler
Errors from the OpenFin runtime
Public delegateOpenFinMessageHandler
Messages from the OpenFin runtime
Public delegateterminateExternalProcessHandler
A delegate which is passed the resulting status of a process after DesktopSystem.terminateExternalProcess() has completed.
Public delegatewindowGroupHandler
A delegate to handle the returned grouped windows, if any, from Window.getGroup()
Public delegatewindowInstanceHandler
A delegate to handle the returned window object.
Public delegatewindowOptionsHandler
A delegate to handle the resulting options from Window.getOptions().
Public enumerationAnalyticsOptionsAnalyticsHashOptions
Specifies which client information which will be hashed before reporting an analytics event
Public enumerationAnalyticsOptionsAnalyticsServices
Specifies the services which will be reported by the Openfin analytics
Public enumerationApplicationEventType
Specifies the type of action which raised an application event.
Public enumerationChannelEventType
Specifies the type of action which raised a channel event.
Public enumerationChromiumNetErrorCode
Enumeration of possible internal errors when Http response cant be delivered
Public enumerationDesktopConnectionState
The connection state of a DesktopConnection
Public enumerationExternalApplicationEventType
Specifies the type of action which raised an application event.
Public enumerationGroupMember
Which group array the window that the event listeer was registered on is included in
Public enumerationHttpRequestMethod
Enumeration of Http methods that could be use to request the content
Public enumerationHttpResourceType
Type of the resource carried in the http response
Public enumerationPortDiscoveryMode
Port Discovery protocol
Public enumerationPreloadScriptState
Specifies the load and evaluation state of a preload script.
Public enumerationRuntimeConnectOptions
Advanced settings to configure how the adapter manages and connects to a runtime instance.
Public enumerationRvmCacheMode
Customizable attributes used to identify the application to the RVM for automatic runtime management and cleanup
Public enumerationSessionReasonType
The action that triggered a session change
Public enumerationSystemEventType
Specifies the type of action which raised a system event
Public enumerationWindowEventType
Specifies the type of action which raised a window event.
Public enumerationWindowStateType
Indicates the state of the window