An application in the app directory.


  • Application




appId: AppId

The Application Identifier. Please see By convention this should be the same as your OpenFin UUID.

If you can't use your OpenFin UUID as the appId, then instead specify your application's UUID by adding an appUuid property to the customConfig field.

Optional contactEmail

contactEmail: undefined | string

Contact email address.

Optional customConfig

customConfig: NameValuePair[]

Additional config.

The OpenFin FDC3 service supports the following configuration values:

  • appUuid: Informs the service that the application launched by this manifest will have this UUID. By default, the service will expect the UUID of the application to match the appId. This configuration value can be used to override this.

Any additional fields will still be accessible to applications (via APIs such as findIntent), but will not have any impact on the operation of the service.

Optional description

description: undefined | string

Longer description of the app.

Optional icons

icons: Icon[]

Icons used in the app directory display. A launcher may be able to use various sizes.

Optional images

images: AppImage[]

Images that can be displayed as part of the app directory entry. Use these for screenshots, previews or similar. These are not the application icons - use icons for that.

Optional intents

intents: AppDirIntent[]

The set of intents associated with this application directory entry.


manifest: string

An application manifest, used to launch the app. This should be a URL that points to an OpenFin JSON manifest.


manifestType: string

The manifest type. Always 'openfin'.


name: AppName

The machine-readable app name, used to identify the application in various API calls to the application directory. This may well be human-readable, too. If it's not, you can provide a title, and that will be used everywhere a name needs to be rendered to a user.

Optional publisher

publisher: undefined | string

Name of the publishing company, organization, or individual.

Optional supportEmail

supportEmail: undefined | string

The email address to send your support requests to.

Optional title

title: undefined | string

The human-readable title of the app, typically used by the launcher UI. If not provided, name is used.

Optional tooltip

tooltip: undefined | string

A short explanatory text string. For use in tooltips shown by any UIs that display app information.

Optional version

version: undefined | string

The version of the app. Please use semantic versioning.