General-purpose context type, as defined by FDC3. A context object is a well-understood datum that is streamable between FDC3 participants. As a result it has a field describing what type it is, and data indicating its identity. Use this as a base to derive your own with any custom properties or metadata.





Optional id

id: undefined | object

An optional map of any equivalent identifiers for the context type, e.g. ISIN, CUSIP, etc. for an instrument.

Optional name

name: undefined | string

The name of the context data (optional). This is a text string that describes the data being sent. Implementors of context may choose to make the name mandatory.


type: string

The type of the context that uniquely identifies it, e.g. "fdc3.instrument". This is used to refer to the accepted context(s) when declaring intents. See AppDirIntent.