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Interface BrowserCreateWindowRequest

Request for creating a browser window.


  • Omit<OpenFin.PlatformWindowCreationOptions, "workspacePlatform">
    • BrowserCreateWindowRequest



Optional accelerator

accelerator?: Partial<Accelerator>

Optional alphaMask

alphaMask?: RGB

Optional alwaysOnTop

alwaysOnTop?: boolean

Optional api

api?: Api

Optional applicationIcon

applicationIcon?: string

Optional aspectRatio

aspectRatio?: number

Optional autoShow

autoShow?: boolean

Optional backgroundColor

backgroundColor?: string

Optional closeOnLastViewRemoved

closeOnLastViewRemoved?: boolean

Optional contentCreation

contentCreation?: ContentCreationOptions

Optional contentNavigation

contentNavigation?: ContentNavigation

Optional contentRedirect

contentRedirect?: Partial<ContentRedirect>

Optional contextMenu

contextMenu?: boolean

Optional contextMenuSettings

contextMenuSettings?: ContextMenuSettings

Optional cornerRounding

cornerRounding?: Partial<CornerRounding>

Optional customContext

customContext?: any

Optional customData

customData?: any

Optional customRequestHeaders

customRequestHeaders?: CustomRequestHeaders[]

Optional defaultCentered

defaultCentered?: boolean

Optional defaultHeight

defaultHeight?: number

Optional defaultLeft

defaultLeft?: number

Optional defaultTop

defaultTop?: number

Optional defaultWidth

defaultWidth?: number

Optional experimental

experimental?: any

Optional fdc3InteropApi

fdc3InteropApi?: string

Optional frame

frame?: boolean

Optional height

height?: number

Optional hideOnClose

hideOnClose?: boolean

Optional hotkeys

hotkeys?: Hotkey[]

Optional icon

icon?: string

Optional includeInSnapshots

includeInSnapshots?: boolean

Optional interop

interop?: InteropConfig

Optional layout

layout?: any

Optional maxHeight

maxHeight?: number

Optional maxWidth

maxWidth?: number

Optional maximizable

maximizable?: boolean

Optional minHeight

minHeight?: number

Optional minWidth

minWidth?: number

Optional minimizable

minimizable?: boolean

Optional modalParentIdentity

modalParentIdentity?: Identity

Optional name

name?: string

Optional opacity

opacity?: number

Optional preloadScripts

preloadScripts?: PreloadScript[]

Optional processAffinity

processAffinity?: string

Optional reason

reason?: WindowCreationReason

Optional resizable

resizable?: boolean

Optional resizeRegion

resizeRegion?: ResizeRegion

Optional saveWindowState

saveWindowState?: boolean

Optional shadow

shadow?: boolean

Optional showBackgroundImages

showBackgroundImages?: boolean

Optional showTaskbarIcon

showTaskbarIcon?: boolean

Optional smallWindow

smallWindow?: boolean

Optional state

state?: "maximized" | "minimized" | "normal"

Optional taskbarIconGroup

taskbarIconGroup?: string

Optional updateStateIfExists

updateStateIfExists?: boolean

Optional url

url?: string

Optional uuid

uuid?: string

Optional waitForPageLoad

waitForPageLoad?: boolean

Optional width

width?: number


workspacePlatform: { favicon?: string; newPageUrl?: string; newTabUrl?: string; pages: Page[]; title?: string }

WorkspacePlatform specific window options. These options will not work unless a workspace platform has been initialized.

Type declaration

  • Optional favicon?: string

    The favicon to display on the top left of the created browser window.

  • Optional newPageUrl?: string

    Landing page that shows up when you add a new page from the plus button that exists in the window frame where the page selector is shown. If you do not provide a newPageUrl, then the new Page plus button will not be shown and you cannot create a new empty Page or Window.

  • Optional newTabUrl?: string

    Landing page that shows up when you add a new tab from the plus button that exists in the tabstrip. If you do not provide a newTabUrl, then the plus button in the tabstrip will not be shown and users cannot create a new empty tab.

  • pages: Page[]

    The initial set of pages to add to the created browser window.

  • Optional title?: string

    A UI friendly title for the created browser window.

Optional x

x?: number

Optional y

y?: number

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