Tutorial: window.constructor


A window that wraps a native HTML window. Provides more fine-grained control over the window state such as the ability to minimize, maximize, restore, etc. By default a window does not show upon instantiation; instead the window's show() method must be invoked manually. To automatically show upon instantiation autoShow: true needs to be added to the window options. The new window inherits the UUID of the parent window. If the new window is in the same origin as the parent they would both share the same process. If the window is cross origin, it would be created in a seperate process.

The first argument is a Window Options object (see).


var win = new fin.desktop.Window(
        name: "openFinWindow",
        url: "http://openfin.co",
        defaultWidth: 600,
        defaultHeight: 400
    function() {
    function(error) {
        console.log("Error creating window:", error);