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Const disableSearch

  • disableSearch(): Promise<void>

Const enableSearch

  • enableSearch(connection: SalesforceConnection, onNotConnectedResultDispatch?: () => void, title?: string, description?: string, commandCode?: string): Promise<void>
  • Enables users of OpenFin Workspace to search Salesforce data by registering a Salesforce search provider. The search provider uses the provided Salesforce connection to display results based on the inputted search query.

    Note: Workspace must be running before calling this function.


    ParameterError Thrown if invalid function parameter values are detected.


    WorkspaceError Thrown if Workspace is not running or the search provider encounters an error.


    • connection: SalesforceConnection

      Existing Salesforce connection that the search provider will use for retrieving search results.

    • Optional onNotConnectedResultDispatch: () => void

      Optional listener that is triggered when the user clicks on the search result that is displayed when Salesforce is no longer connected.

        • (): void
        • Returns void

    • title: string = 'Salesforce'

      Name of the search provider that will be displayed to the user in Workspace (defaults to "Salesforce").

    • description: string = 'Search Salesforce for accounts and contacts...'

      Brief description that will be displayed when the user selects the search provider (defaults to "Search Salesforce for accounts and contacts...").

    • commandCode: string = 's'

      Shortcut code consisting of one or more characters that selects the search provider when the user types a / followed by the command code (defaults to "s").

    Returns Promise<void>


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